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High Performance Vitamin C Serum

High Performance Vitamin C Serum

  سيرم يجدد البشرة ويجعلها مشرقة كما أنه يزود الجلد حماية بال القوية مدعم بفيتامين اللازمة
لتحفيز وتنشيط الكولاجين ( ) / ( AHA / Polypeptide

It's your must-have serum super powered with Vitamin C, AHA, and polypeptides. With licorice extract, it brightens the skin and creates an even skin tone.

For all skin types. Daytime use.

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Kelp and slippery elm extract — condition the skin.
Corn mint and eucalyptus oils — cools freshly shaved skin.
Rosemary — acts as a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.
Aloe vera — soothes and tones.
1 fl. oz.

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