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Ingrown Hair Treatment

Ingrown Hair Treatment

جل يعالج من نمو الشعر تحت الجلد ، يخفف من الاحمرار ،يحتوي على (لافندر وساليسليك أسد وازيليك اسد) ، يمكن استخدامه بعد (Wax) الحلاقة و الاليكتروليزيز .

A gentle gel that removes dead skin, fights bacteria and prevents ingrown hair. Soothing, calming, and hydrating your skin, it's a must-have gel-based treatment that ensures you never have a single hair out of place.

For daytime and nighttime use. 3-4 times per week.

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Glycolic and salicylic acids — exfoliate dead skin cells and clarify skin.
Phytic acids — help free trapped hair.
Willowherb and lavender — tones and soothes post-shaved skin.
3 fl. oz.

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