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Instant Fix Oil Control

Instant Fix Oil Control

كريم غني بالسيليكا والسيترونيلا يمتص الدهون الزائدة ويترك البشرة صافية ، يمكن استخدامه كمثبت قبل المكياج ويترك البشرة بلممس حريري .


A quick-fix formulation of sweet orange peel, citronella, and silica absorbs excess oil and toxins, mattifies, and purifies the skin, giving a fresh, flawless texture and serving as a primer for the skin.

For oily skin. Daytime and nighttime use.

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Sweet orange peel oil — helps to purify and decongest the skin.
Citronella oil — reduces oil and softens skin.
Silica — draws oil and toxins from the skin reducing the appearance of pores.
3 fl. oz.

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