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Prism, founded by Sandra Wanna in 2021, stands as a pioneering force in the Gulf countries' personal care market. As a Business-to-Customer (B2C) company, our identity is shaped by a commitment to uniqueness. Prism introduces a diverse range of innovative products that redefine beauty standards. With a focus on quality, we occupy a distinctive market position, offering a varied selection that caters to the personal care needs of men in the GCC. Our dedication to providing exclusive, high-end brands, including the renowned Anthony Skincare Brand from New York, sets us apart, ensuring that our clientele experiences beauty in its most extraordinary form.

What sets Prism apart is what we offer and how we approach personal care. Our reputation is built on trust and innovation, with a broad clientele base endorsing our commitment to delivering innovative products. Our Research and Development team works tirelessly to introduce new, cutting-edge products, ensuring that our customers stay at the top of beauty trends.

In our ongoing pursuit of excellence, Prism has formed strategic partnerships with renowned international brands like Anthony from New York, bringing a global touch to local beauty routines. By bringing the best products to the GCC, we aspire to be the go-to destination for individuals seeking not just products but a personalized beauty experience. Our mission is to seamlessly blend cultural diversity with premium personal care, offering the men of the Gulf countries exclusive access to a world of innovative and high-quality skincare solutions. With Prism, beauty knows no bounds, and our commitment to redefining personal care resonates across borders, delivering a truly international standard to the discerning consumers of the GCC.


Who we are:

Prism is a Business-to-customer (B2C) company that is defined by its uniqueness and attentiveness in Kuwait’s personal care market that tends to help men and women, embody their beauty with an eccentric list of new products. The company will occupy a new market position since Prism offers a wide variety of products in the beauty segment and represents quality in all products.


Why us:

Prism has a good reputation with a huge clientele base for offering innovative products to customers across Kuwait with a well-established Research and Development team that takes care of continuous focus on new product developments to meet customer demands.


What do we do:

We offer an innovative assortment of products from carefully curated high-end brands that are not available in Kuwait’s personal care market that fulfill the needs of both men and women.

  • Our Mission

    To discover, develop, and deliver premium beauty products that help both genders define and embody true beauty.

  • Our Goals

    • Increase community outreach
    • Best Customer Service
    • Build strong trust 
    • Open more stores in GCC
  • Our Vision

    Be the leading personal care store all around the gulf, reflecting transparency and uniqueness.

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