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Conditioning Beard Wash

Conditioning Beard Wash

تركيبة غنية بجوز الهند ومضادات الأكسدة ، ينظف اللحية والوجه ويمنع تشابك شعر اللحية مهما كان قاسيا أو طويلا ، يحافظ على نعومة الجلد ، بشرة صحية.

An award-winning rich cream formulated with coconut oil, bilberry fruit extract, rosemary, and black currant to hydrate dry skin. This conditioner improves elasticity and alleviates annoying itchiness. It cleans both your hair and face, providing you with a soft and silky sensation.

For daytime and nighttime use

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Botanical extracts — Naturally exfoliates and cleanses.
Black currant oil and rosemary extract — Nourishes and soothes.
Hydrating coconut oil — Conditions, softens, and detangles beard hair.

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